Saturday, April 28, 2012

Perfectionism Strikes Again

Perfectionism is a sneaky thing. When least expected, it slips in and stalls your plans, halts your progress, and makes you unhappy with perfectly adequate projects...such as a fledgling blog.
The blogger app on my phone will only insert photos in a group at the bottom of a blog entry, and that small blip became a wide-open door, letting Perfectionism stomp in and stop me from keeping my promise "more to come, if this works."
Did it work? Why, yes, actually.
Does anyone care if photos end up at the end? Well, maybe. But life is full of the unexpected, there are more important things to focus on, and I have decided not to let photo placement in a blog bother me. Okay, it may bother me, but it will not stop me.

"Done is better than Perfect," so here we go. First project to benefit from this decision: I plunged into hand quilting my granddaughter's crib quilt. After all, if one never tackles a new skill, no progress is possible!

There's no telling how these iphone photos will translate, but this quilt is named "Gwenyth's Tea Party," and the pattern "Teacup" is in Nancy Seeboro-Johnson's book titled Block Magic. Hand quilting turns out to be wonderfully therapeutic! And, get this: adequate stitches do a fine job of highlighting the teacups and holding the quilt together :-).

Anyone else struggle with perfectionism? Let's leave perfect to the One who is, and just do the best we can with what we have. :-)